Some people have their favourite places. They post these places on their media accounts for other people to see, and hopefully feel the same. These places are indeed beautiful and stunning.

Been to many places and I have not decided yet which one is my favourite place. Or actually I have? Not sure. Still wondering whether are they the places that have stunned me, or have people I interacted with that bonded me.

I think it is not important whether these places (or these people) are beautiful or stunning  or not (that we make them our favourite). The most important thing, to me, is how these places (and people who live there) have changed me into myself now.

And that is the most important.

And that is the reason why I always return to myself, a place where I can talk with the dead, talk with my lost self, my disappeared self, and I can visit those places again, and understand it differently. That makes a huge difference.

“It’s a temporary stage in human evolution, this need to travel to distant places in order to be with ourselves.”
― Joseph Rain


One thought on “Place(s)

  1. Ah, and they said posting a picture of a place in social media can lead to leak of intelligent data to foreign nation. Please don’t do (GO) it. 🙂

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