Christmas, a new definition.



Two days ago I looked at Apple’s phone. I found her sent messages “Merry Christmas” to a number of her friends. Only one is Christian. The rest are non Christians. I asked her why did she send Christmas wish to non-Christian friends. She replied: “What’s wrong with that?” I told her only Christians celebrate Christmas. She was silent, then replied: “Nan and Pop are not Christians, yet they always celebrate Christmas. Your friend Asma is Pakistani and non Christian, but she always celebrates Christmas with you. Also Philip and Yvonne and Jonno and Amelita. They are not Christians.”

Then I asked her what is Christmas means for her.
She replied: “It is a special holiday to spend time with your best guys and be grateful to people love you, unconditionally. And be thankful for you to have them in your life. Not many people have, you know. Many are lonely. And the food and the also PRESENTTSSSSSS!” ***then asked: Can I open my presents now?***

I was amazed and was thinking when people around her are busy with ‘haram dan halal’ sending Christmas wish to others only because ‘we are told to do or not to do so’, her standpoint describes what Meister Eckhart refers when he says: “All God wants man is a peaceful heart”.

… and I love her even more.

and yes, some people take a bunch of letters ‘s-e-l-a-m-a-t n-a-t-a-l’ so seriously.


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