Private space: a definition

Gita: Bu, Bibi is in my bedroom, doing I don’t know what. I am going to have a shower.
Me: That’s okay. Jump in!
Gita: I need to take of my PJs in my bedroom.
Me: Do it in your bathroom.
Gita went off with upset face

Cindy, the dog, was following her into the bathroom, as usual waiting for her in front of the bathroom door.

Bibi: Cindy, keluar ya. Adek mau mandi (and slowly continued doing her business in Gita’s bedroom).
Cindy: *** insisting on sitting in front of Gita’s bathroom, waiting Gita to finish her shower***
Bibi: Ayo, Cindi! Keluar. Adek lagi mandi! Malu nanti!!!!

Gita (poking her head out of the bathroom door, whispering to Cindy): Pssssttt, is Bibi still there?


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