Lovely classes and students

This semester I am teaching PTIK, Pengantar Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi for a S1 reguler class and a S1 pararel class. I’ve found PTIK is a cool subject. They are lovely, wonderful students.

Today, I just realized how I am growing too with my students, updating our knowledge in ICT.

I began these classes introducing basic concepts in ICT. I started with technological determinism theory. I also introduced them to a notion of Trekology. Then I offered them a view of SCOT, Social Construction of Technology (Theory). I really hope they understand differences between these two different but connected theories.

Then it was a reminder topic that we (yes, all of us) are moving from analog-sphere into digital-sphere. This, then, included explanations about mediamorphosis: a term (by Roger Fidler) that defines how technologies (especially of communication of media) are evolved. This topic, I told them, relates closely to issues of copyright infringement. I closed this process of updating knowledge by introducing them to a notion of Luddites, those who reject being abused by technology.

However, last weeks of these classes I have asked my students to present infographics or pictographs. These charts should inform the technological establishment of particular devices (free choices). They should include discussions of analog-digital transformations, theories, copyrights, and Luddites.

You should come to my class.

They are lovely, lovely students. They presented the technological establishment from interesting industries such as music and games, too. You name it: vocaloid, emulator, dota 2 competition, networked book, and other cool stuffs. I enjoy these classes very much, where I have updated my knowledge (hopefully as much as my students have too). Wonder though, why they do not bring up the topic of digital boyfriend/girlfriend 😉

On top of everything, I bet you are very jealous now of knowing that you’re not in luck like me. I have lovely classes and students this semester. I do really enjoy this experience!


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