Ingon-ingon, binatang peliharaan, pets.

When I just came back from Australia, I did not want to have pets. I knew I couldn’t afford them: time and money.

Then I found Possum. Life is easier now after I cut his tail. He wears nappy all the time, so he stays clean. He stays inside, with Gita and I. He shares our bed too. Actually, he shares life with us.

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Weeks ago,someone who is very irresponsible returned our dog, Cindy to us. With my situation, I really did not want to have more pets. And with her slobber all over my place, I think that is too much. All I wanted to do after work was having hot shower, read, write, watch, bludge. They are only in my dream. I keep Cindy. Trying hard to love her. I tried to love Possum. It was very hard, but now, I am falling in love with that cat. I think I can fall in love with Cindy too, someday.

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By the way, what I do after work as soon as I am at home is many things. Cleaning the house, cooking, feeding Gita, feeding my ingon-ingon, playing with them and try to love them, unconditionally.

However, for many people – we were all dead tired by the time we had returned home, so we went to bed early and got some much needed rest. It is not the end of the world. Life goes on, and she’s been really good to me anyway


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