Polisi (ugh)

Last week Gita and I watched Cat Woman. I thought she would be interested in Halle Berry as The Cat Woman rather than anything else in that movie.

Last night, she asked me “Bu, would you be okay if I become a police?”
I said: “Well, I think I would so so okay
Gita: “Why?”
Ibu: “There is a stereotype that police people, they are corrupt”
Gita: “I promise I will be a good police”
Ibu: “Okay, but why police?”
Gita: “I want to be a police like the one in Cat Woman”
Ibu: “Oh, that guy? – But that is a guy!”
Gita: “So what? He looks cool and smart. I want to be such person. A police.”
Ibu: “I thought you wanted to be a cat woman”
Gita: “Oh, come on, Bu. Means I should fight bad people, then die, then become a cat woman! The point is, do you want me to die first?”
Ibu: “Oh, yes. You are right”

There is always realities in our imagination, right?


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