Possum, I hope you are happy


Possum was the unwanted guess in my house. I did (do) not want him. To be honest, I don’t want to have pets (even a pet). Not at the moment, at least. A healthy pet is already a burden, thus having a paralyzed cat as a pet is the unnecessary millstone.

However, he, Possum, went through his burdens: ran over by a motor bike, acupuncture, tail amputation, and permanent paralysis that he drags his back legs for his life.

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Though, he gives me a gift. This ‘unexpected burden’ has given a tug at my heartstrings. He, Possum, has taught me an important lesson: unconditional love. I thank you, Possum.

He is now a healthy, paralyzed cat. He climbs, jumps, and runs (drags his body only using his front legs very fast).
He is very happy, likes to play with balls and plastic spoons.
He is clean, I put baby nappies and change it twice a day – for him.
He smells nice, I give him a bath two times a week (and always wash his bump twice a day).
He is cute, loves to have a hot water when I give him a bath.
He is very curious, he watches movies with me on my laptop.
And the most adorable thing about Possum, he has positive attitude. He has no pity on him self (I don’t think he cares about his condition).
He loves me. I know it for sure.

And I, I am still learning to love him – every day.

Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are.

― Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger


4 thoughts on “Possum, I hope you are happy

  1. Possum is such a cute and a super loving kitty! How lucky you are to have each other! You’re a very kind person and an inspiration, mbak Tobytall! Ada usul nih, gimana kalo bikin facebook page tentang Possum. Byk lho page kucing2 atau anjing2 yg disable atau special needs. Mbak bisa menginspirasi byk org lagi untuk lbh peduli sama kucing dan hewan2 lainnya. Salam hangat dari Jepang and sending lots of hugs to Possum! ^_^

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