It’s shocking the things I call love


I found this paper on Gita’s worksheet piles. It gives me a bliss :’)
I am sharing it with you (bragging!!!).


My Mother.
Today I will be talking about my mother. Her name is Clara Endah Triastuti. She just turned 38 on 2nd of August. She is now tutoring at uni (Hey! I am not tutoring! I am lecturing!!!).

My mother is tall (Compared with you yes, Baby – I am tall. But 163cm is not that tall, really). Her eyes are very dark brown and she is very kind (Woohoo!) but can be very harsh as well (Oh well). She told me she used to use glasses when she was in (the) highschool but she doesn’t use them anymore, instead I think she used contact lenses but I am not 100% sure (No, Apple. I don’t use them too. I hate both lenses and glasses). She hates gossip (Hahahaha ,well said Apple! Gossip sucks and is useless. It usually hurts others) and don’t (doesn’t) really care what she wears, well sometimes (No. No. No. It is not ‘I don’t care for what I wear. I am natural. Btw, am I that shabby?).

Most of the time she cooks/bakes sweet things like cake, jelly, cookies and candy (Candies, but we don’t cook/bake candy, Apple). On Friday nights we play badminton in the living room (Her teacher has absolutely lack of imagination and thus she should be invited to play badminton in our living room. Right, Apple?). We also tell each other jokes and she reads me novels when she is not busy (Thank you Apple, you are very accepting and kind. I always enjoy my time with you). She is also very active (hahaha, actually very often she said I am over active).

My mother means a lot to me. I don’t know what I will do without her, especially now when I am young (Oh Apple. I am flattered. Thank you :* ).

There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. ― Charles Morgan

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