Sometimes it is a useless trick

Have you ever been too lazy to go to school? I have.

When I was at the elementary school, one day I was very lazy going to school. So I told mum, whether I could not going to school that day. Mum, easy going, said: “Okay, but you have to see your teacher and say that yourself. If she lets you, then you can stay at home today”. I was chicken-hearted and went to school instead.

So, when my Apple said similar intention, not to come to school one day – I used mum’s trick, “Okay, you can stay at home today when your teacher agrees with that.” Her response was amazing: “Okay, let’s go to school and I will ask my teacher.”

We went to her school and met her teacher, Ms. Young.

She said: “Ms Young, I feel like staying at home today.”

Ms Young: “Is that any special reason?”

Apple: “Yes, I feel like I want to stay at home with my mum”.

Ms Young: “Will you come tomorrow?”

Apple: “Off course!”

Ms Young: “Okay, you can stay at home with your mum. Have a lovely day”

So, I told my mother that her trick, in Apple’s case, was useless.



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