Simple logic

Two days ago Apple went for cross-country. It was a school event where children have to race. Run. Longggg run.

I picked her up at school then walked to the mall (she said she needed something ‘cold’ to cool her down). Walking, she told me that ‘Today was pretty good. I wasn’t the last’. Ahem. Yes, every years, she was the last in the cross-country running hahaha :p

So, I asked what number she was. Nineteen. I asked her how many students were in her group. Twenty.

Well, yes. It wasn’t that bad :-)) Although, she said: ‘I almost fainted’. Then suddenly, as she eating her ice cream, she said: I am glad I didn’t win it. Why? And her answer: ‘If I won it, I should go further to the district competition, another longggggg run. Nooooo!!! Hmmpffff’.

🙂 Yes, Apple. I am glad you did a fine job. You didn’t come last, nor the winner too. Just fine. I love you.

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