Aren’t they simply funny?

This afternoon, walking home from church Gita asked me: ‘What is the funnies thing happened in your life?’

I asked: Funny funny or embarrassing funny?

Gita answered: Funny funny.

Then I realized I have none. My funny moments were always embarrassing.

In church gathering, years ago. My sister poked her tongue out to me. I replied in the same way. As I was poking out my tongue, at the same time I burped extremely loud. Excessive burping. Every body in the room stared at me with accusation: what a rude little girl.

On the train, years ago also. There was a paralyzed beggar without legs. Daily, he dragged himself from one carriage, crossing over another carriage. That day – I saw him ‘standing’ by the train door. I was thinking he was about to hop out. So, without asking I carried him and moved him out of the train. He screamed like crazy, starting to swear at me. Every body in the carriage stared at me with accusation: what an evil, nasty girl.

Several years ago, it was a cold day. I walked Gita to school with a scarf around my neck. After dropping Gita off, I walked around the city, went to my office. Every where. During lunch time, I let go my scarf and was shocked that my bras was hooked on the fringe on the end of my scarf –  all day.

Three examples. Enough.

Don’t you think they are funny? Perhaps a bit embarrassing, but funny still. Aren’t they?


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