So what, boobs

When I was at uni and high school, I was worried with my boobs. They are small and not solid. So, I ‘worked hard’ to get a better look for my boobs (To be honest, it is truly ‘look’ not ‘shape’. I am a follower of a believe ‘there are things I cannot change even with workouts). So, I bought under wire bras, padded bras, lift and shape bras, you name it. Now, I think I am too old to be worried about such things. So, no more worries about the look or the shape.

Today, I read an article, and found this:

Women are again playing up their bust lines with a little artifice. To give the breasts the solid, rounded shape that is currently desirable, La Perla is offering a Lycra bra with pre-formed, pressed-cotton cups. To provide a deeper cleavage, a number of lingerie companies are selling side-panel bras that gently nudge the breasts together. Perhaps exercising has made the idea of altering body contours acceptable once more. In any case, if anatomy is destiny, women are discovering new ways to reshape both (Amy Collins, writing in 1991 for Lear’s magazine).

An important consideration here is, without silicone implants are involved, there are times that women should get naked. In this situations, nothing can help our boobs. And, don’t forget this ‘For dust you are (not from silicon) and to dust you will return (Genesis 3:19). So what?


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