A state of bliss

After my morning yoga today, I did my meditation: reading a meditation book. :p
I found this, and read it over and over. I found it is beautiful.

Do you look at other people and envy their happiness? (Sometimes, but I always wonder whether they are constantly happy or, perhaps I think they are happy because they look happy).

Happiness is not a result of what you possess but a state of mind. (Yes, am so poor but I am reasonably happy. But I think because I am with my Apple now. Would I remain happy when I am not with her anymore? I don’t know but I think I should be).

Bliss begins with thankfulness and an acceptance of the nature of change (It is easy to be thankful thus accept a good change. But when it is something very sad or bad? Hmmmm it is a struggle to accept and be thankful. It is hard).

Everything changes. (Correct).

Nothing stays. (Hmmm, perhaps. Yes, I think it is correct).

You can’t hold onto anything in life. (Yes).

Bless what comes to you – you are constantly becoming (And don’t forget to send my blessing to whatever is taken from me).


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