Today, I am letting go a matter that I am not sure whether I should let go or not. So, I am very limp at heart. This matter, I have asked for it years through my silent prayers. So, when this matter came into my life – I feel (felt) that my prayer was (is?) being granted. Then, I keep it with all my heart. 

Then I started to have so much so a load on. I have many on my plate. 

Then today, in our meditative chat – I asked my Apple: 

‘God has given this mater to me to keep at the right time I was asking for it. Now, why God gives me this load?’ 

My Apple answered: ‘Perhaps God SAID or DID something to you, but you didn’t listen carefully so you mistakenly understood it. Perhaps, you listened what you wanted to hear – your own voice.’

Did I? 



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