Several things I dislike about you

You reply a lot.
You always forget to tidy up the bed
You leaves clothes where ever you take them off
You are fuzzy with food
You prefer junk food rather than healthy food
You prefer saying at home rather than go and play outside.
You are very attached to me
You use things and leave them everywhere.
You ask to do things, but never really finish them
I have to ask you to help me at home. If not, you just sit and watch movies or read books.
You are easy to say “I’m tired” even only after you dried three plates.
It is hard to make you to listen to me.
It takes a lonngggggg time for you to choose clothes, to brush your hair, to put your sun cream, to stand in front of the mirror.
You are very talk active.
You like to sleep LATE.
You like eating instant noodle.
You want to play allll the time
You want to watch movies alllll the time
You want to watch TV alllll the time
It is hard to make you keep your promises.

And you know what? I did the same things when I was at your age. Actually I still do several things I dislike about you.

I know. I know.

I am sorry. I am sorry to dislike you (without disliking myself for doing similar things).

I love you, Apple. Now I dislike myself because, I – myself, do things I dislike from you then was very cranky.
Cranky mother is always bad, isn’t it?


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