Thich Nath Hanh advises,
how to calm the feeling by practising mindfulness.
As mindfulness is taking good care of our fear, we begin to calm it down. “Breathing in, I calm the activities of body and mind.” We calm our feeling just by being with it, like a mother tenderly holding her crying baby. Feeling his mother’s tenderness, the baby will calm down and stop crying. The mother is our mindfulness, born from the depth of our consciousness, and it will tend the feeling of pain. A mother holding her baby is one with her baby. If the mother is thinking of other things, the baby will not calm down. The mother has to put aside other things and just hold her baby.

Don’t avoid our feeling. Don’t say, “You are not important. You are only a feeling.” Come and be one with it. We can say, “Breathing out, I calm my fear.”

And be it.

Thich Nhat Hanh – Peace is Every Step


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