Dear God Letters

hi god its me. i want a phone like sindy has. ok? bye
sally, 7
its hard to be Christian at school please help me
cyndi, 11
my mom is always sad since dad left. will you make her happy again. i love
you so much.
mary, 9
Dear God, Tell my sister to stop messing with my games.
Troy, 5
Dear God, Were there really dinosaurs, or did you just bury those bones to see what people would think?
Patricia, 8
Dear God, When you wrote the Bible, did you print it, or write in cursive?
Dalton, 6
Dear God, Why couldn’t we have more than two hands? My Dad always says, “I only have two hands.”
Troy, 5
Dear God, Thanks for Nintendo!
Hughes, 8
Dear God, Is rain your tears?
Felicity, 6
Dear God, Is there a time out in Heaven?
Greta, 5
Dear God, Do you have a mailbox?
Robby, 4
Dear God, Do you have to die first to come to Heaven?
Zoie, 6
Dear God, Do we have to be quiet in Heaven like we do in church?
Ruby, 4
Dear God, How come nobody knows what you look like?
Seth, 6
Dear God, Is there a really long line to get into Heaven?
Billy, 7
Dear God, When I get to heaven, can you teach me to fly, the very first thing?
Allison, 6
Dear God, Can you make me not afraid of the dark?
Timmy, 5
Dear God, Did Jesus ever spill his milk?
Jessica, 4
Dear God, Where did my mom leave her credit card? She’s been a stinker ever since she lost it.
Bryant, 6
Dear God, What’s your last name?
Danielle, 5
Dear God, How much does it cost for ice cream up there?
Julie, 6
Dear God, How is my Grandpa doin’?
Zachary, 5
Dear God, Do dogs and cats go to heaven?
Phoebe, 4
Dear God, Please make me as tall as all the other kids in my class next year, okay?
Philip, 6
Dear God, Why did you make my big sister so mean?
Ryan, 6
Dear God, Am I in trouble if I killed an ant?
Jamison, 5
Dear God, Do you always stay in the lines when you color?
Suzie, 4
Dear God, What is your favorite color?
Suzannah, 6
Dear God, Is there a McDonald’s in Heaven?
Russell, 4
Dear God, Why is that circle on top of all the angel’s heads?
Melissa, 5
Dear God, I don’t like to sing in church. Is it okay if I just hum?
Christina, 7
Dear God, How many miles is it to Heaven?
Michael, 5
Dear God, Can I trade garden angels? Mine was taking a break today when I fell off my bike.
Jonathan, 6
Dear God, How old were you when you lost your first tooth?
Jackie, 6

And other beautiful dear God emails from this site


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