Active, smart audience are you?

In the past few weeks, killing my ennui, I looked for five racist online organizations (Hammerskin Nation, National Alliance, Stormfront, Aryan Nations, and the Word Church of The Creator).

I was shocked, reading Pink Floyd’s (one of my fav bands) lyric “the Wall” is full of racism. Here is the lyric, which is part of The Wall, Pink Floyd’s eleventh studio album  and was released on 30 November 1979.

This lyric gave significant inspiration to people, who later established Hammerskin Nation.

Does it mean that Pink Floyd is a racist band that does not deserve my adoration any more? Nope. If you know what ‘satiric’ means, then you will understand Pink Floyd’s lyric. If you understand that we have to consider ‘contexts’ in everything we consume before we digest them. Then you know how to ‘read’ Pink Floyd’s lyrics.

I found it is dangerous, since not every person has ability in media literacy (or care enough to empower themselves). The producer might be clever, but their audience? Not always the case. That is why I believe even though the most recent audience theories are outlined, still, passive audience theories are not dated.

It is true, you might use smart phones. But are you smart enough to use them?


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