A Desire

For Citra Rahman.

This is another response for our questions – why, bloggers like to write in Jakartans’ gaul language.

Woolards notes that,

‘in liberal democratic societies, the mis-recognition, or or revalorisation of the indexical character of language may make discrimination on linguistic grounds publicly acceptable where the corresponding ethnic or racial discrimination is not’ (1998: 19)

So I borrow that in an analogy for my little thought:

Jakarta, or Java, may be regarded not only as a place where members of socially privileged live, but also a place where people of greater intellectual and personal worth live (see Benedict Anderson, 1966; Sneddon, 1998; Chambert-Loir, 1984).

Thus, although in reality it is impossible for (some) people to live in Jakarta, or Java (and also to become Jakartans or Javanese), speaking Jakartans’ gaul language is always possible. Then, whoever speakers will get similar feeling: being a member of socially privilege and of greater intellectual and personal worth.

Do I make sense,Citra?


4 thoughts on “A Desire

  1. Ya ya ya… Orang daerah yang menggunakan bahasa gaul Jakarta merasa mereka termasuk orang-orang yang gaul/intelek. Tapi bagi orang yang mendengarkannya belum pasti merasa/menganggap yang berbahasa gaul menunjukkan ‘kegaulannya’ atau intelektualitasnya. πŸ˜€

  2. bahasa gaul itu yang gimana. yang pake dong deh sih itu termasuk nggak? nak mengganti ‘tidak’ dengan ‘nggak’ itu juga?
    aku sih ga pengen terdengar ‘jakarta’, tapi juga jangan EYD. pengennya sih bahasa Indonesia yang njawani πŸ˜€

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