With all respect to everyone who read my post.

This is a product from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. What do you see?

Some people in Indonesia blatantly accuse that several presented symbols are rooted from illuminati symbolism, including one eye man, triangle, and many other things. Therefore, these people are easy to judge this product is ‘haram’, that product is improper, those products are sins. Only because those products have triangles, stars, or a figure with one eye.

Symbols are human made or society made or social made. They are arbitrary, ambiguous, and abstract representations of other phenomena. BUT none of phenomena is similar – all over the world we have infinite different phenomena. Your phenomena are not mine. You might call 4 “FOUR”. As an Indonesian I call 4 “EMPAT”. Other people in Germany know 4 as “VIER”. Why 4 has lots of name? Which one is better? Explain to me. Dare you?

How about this one? Another brand also from a company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Please, help yourself, read this using key words ‘symbols’ and ‘arbitrary’ or you also can read this.

Judging takes you nowhere.


7 thoughts on “S-Y-M-B-O-L-S

    • Gahahahah ga papa Dek. Aku ya, yang harusnya pake bahasa Indonesia *lirik postingan soal bahasanya – Citra *

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