Why do you bother?

Even when there are two person having one similar name, A and A. They know who their friends. Right? Or, friends will know which one is A or A. Right? 

We agree that God is the most everything. Right? God is beyond our knowledge and senses. Right? 

So, when people you dislike call God with God – you believe you have to change God’s name, to make it different? That God can recognize you and won’t recognize people that you dislike? Or to make you different compared with people you dislike? 

God will recognize you anyway. God will recognize people you dislike anyway too.

You change God’s name for your own purpose. It is to grant yourself a name that is different to people you dislike. To award your self with a good character and people you dislike with another character. 

It doesn’t have anything to do with God. It depends on God, to value you: good character or another character. 

Get real. 



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