Recalling the past

Gemes tiap kali liat Gita ngerjain matematika. 3 ditambah 4 saja pake mikir. Padahal, kayaknya sudah berkali-kali ngerjain 3+4. Kenapa juga nggak hapal-hapal.

Kayaknya dulu, waktu seumur dia, saya cepet deh ngerjain 3+4 😦

Is it true? That when I was at her age I thought/felt 3+4 was easy? Or that is my feeling now (that 3+4 is easy)?

Can you now recall your sadness when your first boy or girl friend left you? What feeling do you feel now (when recalling it? Is it less sad or more sad or similar? Or, happy?

Because we cannot perfectly recall our past, can we? And I am being very unfair.

I am sorry Apple.


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