Had no choice but to accept

To me, this writing is very interesting.

For instance, the ambiguity that subverted from within the Spanish colonizer “success” in imposing their own culture on the indigenous Indians is well known. Submissive, and even consenting to their subjection, the Indians nevertheless often made of the rituals, representations, and law imposed on them something quite different from what their conquerors had in mind; they subverted them not by rejecting or altering them, but by using them with respect to ends and references foreign to the system they had no choice but to accept.

(de Carteau)

Do you see a rejection there? Do you recognize a resistance there? Or a struggle? Do you acknowledge a humbleness? Not weak, but humble, and strong yet very silent. Can you recall that it happens everywhere and we think “Ahhh, they converted because they wanted to convert”.

That is a bullshit assumption.

….they escaped without leaving it.


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