Soo booring

People are so boring.
Adult should not cherish a child within. So don’t be silly and should stay ‘jaim’.
A mother should not celebrate a girl within. And a mini skirt also blue hair is improper.
A pretty lady should be stupid. And being smart is a lie or fake.
A nerd should stay in libraries. Pubs are forbidden places.
A woman should be feminine. And cannot decide.
A man should be masculine. And cannot wear pink pants.
A kid is immature. And is not being trusted to give a moral judgement.
White people are superior. And know everything. And always correct.
A father should work at the office. And cannot enjoy the bliss of feeding the baby.
A good wife look after kids. And cannot enjoy sex.
A prostitute lives for sex. And is incapable of being a parent.
A boy is a man wannabe. And cannot play with dolls.
People of colour are savage. And cannot be leaders.
People with tattoos and piercings are ‘wild’. And cannot be polite, helpful, and responsible.
A churchgoer is a puritan. And cannot abuse others.
Government creates laws. And cannot do mistakes.

People are soo boring.
I am soo boring.
And you too, soo booring.


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