A friend is looking for a partner. My friend requires a major condition in finding a partner: compatibility. 

I ask my friend compatible in what? The answer: in everything. I am sceptical about total compatibility between couple. That was I said to my friend.  

My friend said: “My mother and my father, they are 100% compatible in the way they think, the way they behave, the way they do things. And they are still married until today.” 

As if compatibility is innate. 

I said I don’t trust it. Even twins don’t have such things. The best way to explain their (my friend’s parents) long last marriage is that they have a great willingness (and loyalty) to conform to each other with full of respect (to each other). 

My friend is very persistent, keep looking a partner that is 100% compatible in such ways. 

Well my friend, I think God is great not because God is able to clone two beings with two different sexual organs (I believe God can though). God is amazing because God creates some human with such characteristics: to be able to conform with full of respect to each other. 

There is no compatibility without your effort, you know. There is no compatibility without your willingness to humble yourself. Compatibility is not a gene. It is an effort, a hard work. 



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