A pinch of luck and flavor?

An apologetic note: I am a hypocrite.

Awhile ago, a friend stated there’s no wrong way to make a family. He then rhetorically argued there is no actual law of birth planing. Based on no-actual-law view, parents may have children as many as they wish. He is correct. Especially in Indonesia after the fall of Soeharto regime. KB policy remains a story of birth planing policy in Indonesia.

Due to cultural (or religious) reasons, (some) people believe the more children you have, the more well-off you will be. Or, every child is born with a pinch of luck and flavor to parents. Two sayings, somehow, embrace people to have more children in their family.

By the way, I am against his argument. I would say, if there is no actual policy or law or regulation of birth planning, why wouldn’t we let our sincere affirmation to conduct us into this matter?

The more we have children, the more natural resource we will use (to grow them). They may be born with a pinch of luck to us, parents. No matter how well-off parents might be (because of these children), they still need water, fresh air, ground, food, fuel, and power – those limited natural resource. And I think, every one is entitled to natural resource evenly. Now, what if every one in this world had the same idea of building a family? What do you think would happen?

You may be a good person with little consideration. But, I am not. I believe many people are not. If we were – there would be no pollution, no famine, no war, no traffic jam, no high criminal rate, no anarchism. I would not post this.

Since I believe everything in this universe are interconnected, we also have an important role to look after our earth, to look after other people by using our capacity to not being selfish.


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