Stupid parents we are (or I am)

Dear friends,
do you have any kid(s)? I do. I learnt important thing today from Gita.

From them we know that we are not perfect (but it does not stop us to try or to give our best, doesn’t it?). From them, we know that we are not smart enough (and they inspire us to keep learning). From them, we know it is okay not being perfect and they wholeheartedly give us unlimited chances to always improve ourselves. Most of all, from them we know it is good wanting to know about everything. It is good to question and not to take everything for granted.

G: Bu, who discovered the first bird?
C: What do you mean, Gita?
G: The first bird, before the birds today exist.
C: Oh. They hatched from eggs. You know that.
G: Oh. Who laid the first egg?
C: The bird!
G: What bird? Before the first egg hatched, there wouldn’t be any bird! 

Oh. There you go.

Then I reminded her our discussion about the first human, God made or evolution product. But she said: “Yes. I do remember. But that was about the first human, not the first bird. So, how about the first bird. Who discovered the first bird?

C: “There were not discovered. They’ve evolved! The evolution is a line where birds are included. And then one stopped or slowed down, another continued until they started to stopped or slowed down as well.

G: How? Birds were not evolved from monkeys? In which part of the evolution line the first bird was?

Mother of God. I don’t have any idea in which part was that. I don’t know.
I couldn’t answer. Can you? All I could say was: “I will show you at home. We will look on the Internet.

And before I write this post, we browsed on the Internet – to find in which part of evolution line the first bird was.

To you, parents – I am sure you are facing the same from your kids – every day, did you? Or are you still? 🙂

I borrowed the picture from NASA. Thank you.

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