Online mistake

(mostly) Social media providers are private accounts. People write things that upset other people. (some) Do not care. Also, they do not expect to be criticised. If they get, (some) get defensive, or even more, (some) get upset. They read friends writings. They feel uncomfortable , or even more get upset then reply in horrible ways. Do no care. If in return they get unfriended or blocked – (some of) they get pissed off – then ridicule her/him online.

Some fail to remember that social media are private accounts. It shares public and private sphere. People love to do monologue. It does not have anything to do with you. Do not take it personally.

I did my online mistake yesterday. I did apologize. I learnt now.

Please DO unfriend me if you do not like what I write on my private account. If I unfriend you or block you, my apology it is my private account. I sure have reason for that. Believe me and we are still friends offline 🙂 Online friendship is something but not everything.

Meanwhile I try my best to behave and not to unfriend and not to block 😉

I borrowed that picture from here


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