Mum and Dad

These are bits I remember well from my Mum and Dad. Nobody’s perfect. My parents are not. There are no such things as perfect parents.

I love Mum and Dad very much anyway :’)

I remember my parents took us to Toko Buku Gunung Agung almost every week on the week end. They set the budget how many books we could buy – then let us to choose the books. One interesting fact, we (the children – at least I did) looked not for buying the books only. More over, we could not wait to redeem each one parking ticket at Toko Buku Gunung Agung with one cup of ice cream.

My mum and dad also let us to buy and to have books, almost anything. I don’t know how they encouraged us to love wide range variety of books. Almost all Enid Blyton books series (The Famous Five Series, the secret seven series, the mysteries series, The Malory Towers series, etc), The Little House on The Prairie series, Mahabharata series, Pandawa Lima series, and every thing else – in series or not.

My dad bought educational book such as Pustaka Alam Life series, Pustaka Ilmu Life series and Ensiklopedia series for us. Each was in one complete set. So basically – at that time we have not had the Internet connection yet, but these series were our ‘’.

Children Magazine
My mum and dad subscribed weekly children magazine, Bobo. They were very fair (not square though haha). They have three kids and all their kids wanted to be the new edition’s first reader. So, even though I was unable to read at that time, they tossed slips of paper with our names in it for random process – to make the turn order. My mum would read all pages for me, especially before the nap 🙂

I think our weekly recreation on the weekend was going to Ancol. Yes, to swim. I remember my mum would prepared food to bring one night before. Off early in the morning we went to Ancol. It was nice because the swimming pool was still quiet. As soon as people came (and all swimming pools were crowded, we went back home). Usually when we were lucky, mum and dad would buy fresh crabs for our lunch at home.

Yummo things
Children are greedy. Remember that. They have eyes bigger than their tummy – especially for the foods they like. So, my mom and dad would share every thing evenly – on the plates or in the bowls. Even so, sometimes we were still greedy (umm I think I was).

I want that bunch of grapes instead of this” (pointing at the bowls)
(Mum then reduced the number of grapes in the bunch – then offered it to me, asking):”Here, which one now do you prefer?
(Believe me, it took more than 10 minutes to decide. Umm well, in fact – I was counting how many grapes in the bunch and how many grapes in the bowl. Greedy.) Then I took grapes in the bowl. And mum was not upset, but smiled.

Early 1980’s my dad went back from Korea bringing three of us each a game watch. The purpose mainly was to avoid the fight. Believe me or not, ALL THE SAME. It was The Parachuters. Hahaha.

Christmas time
Mum were very clever to bring in the feeling 🙂 She would fill our house with Christmas’ fragrance from cookies she baked. She also would prepare our Christmas’ dresses a month earlier. She chose the design, the material, and the tailor. Our tailor was Ibu Jen. She was a quiet lovely woman. I still remember how Mum would beg her to finish all our Christmas dresses in time. I think Ibu Jen was the best family tailor at that time, so she was always tied up during Lebaran and Christmas day. We would wear our new dresses to Christmas mass, then we went back home to have Christmas dinner. Lovely.

This is my dad’s answer when we asked why didn’t he give us reward when we got the first rank on the class: “Why should I? That is your duty as my kids. My duty as your parent is to make sure you have good education.”
It was not a perfect condition, but somehow, now – I can’t agree more.

I borrowed the picture from this blog. Thank you.

Get to know your parents. You never know when they’ll be gone for good. Be nice to your siblings. They’re your best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future (Mary Schmich)


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