to (be) consume(d by) media


Yes, (new) media offer myriad things. Yet it does not mean we have to consume everything they offer. To consume in the sense we digest them. To digest in the sense we become new media’s agent. To become new media’s agent in the sense we pass on all information we get.

I admit, what I see are irresistible. To laugh at awkward racist jokes on the Internet. To get excited watching porn. To look cynically at hypocrites. I did laugh. I did get excited. I did look cynically.

Many times I was tempted to pass them on, to share them. I was.

I prefer to do self censorship. Always. Whether it is proper to pass it on to others. Whether it is a proper behaviour.

I reject to be (new) media agent if, it is about to pass on racism, disorder, something against human rights and norms (what the measurement, eh?), something will harm children: mentally and physically, something causes hatred.

I consume (new) media. BUT I reject to be consumed by (new) media.
(and you’re welcome to remind me, please do).

I borrowed the picture from this site. Thank you.


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