Yesterday, Tuesday 15 of November 2011 Gita was turning 8 years. A week before her birthday, she asked me to make pop cakes, for her to bring to school on her birthday.

Believe me, mostly pop cakes recipes looked easy. They don’t! My cake pops kept falling off the stick when I dipped them in choc. Mess was everywhere. I was frustrated. Softly Gita asked me: “We failed, didn’t we?”

It was 9 at night I told her to sleep, asking: “Is it okay, to bring cup cakes instead, tomorrow?” – She answered beautifully without getting upset: “That’s okay. Cup cakes are not too bad”. When Gita was sleeping, I started all over again. This time, after I finished inserting all the sticks into the cake balls – I put them into the fridge for one hours. Logically (and hopefully) as soon as melted chocolate evenly covered the frozen cake balls, it (the melted chocolate) will dry/harden. So, the ball wouldn’t fall off the stick.

It worked! Yay!

So, I kept repeating the rhythm: taking one pop cake out from the fridge, walking close to the table, coating it with melted chocolate, decorating it with sprinkles, sticking it into the foam, putting it back into the fridge.

In the following day, I dropped off 30 sticks of pop cakes at her school, after lunch time. Then, I left. When I picked her up in the afternoon, she said, smiling: “My friends like them!” I met several kids from Gita’s class. They were still eating the pop cakes, saying: “This is sooo yummm! Did you make it?” — “Yes.” —- “Wooooowww” — Haha, they looked very surprised, then told me: “You know what, this is sooooo YUMMMMM!!! You rocks!”

Walking home, Gita was holding my hand, saying: “See? Even my friends love your pop cakes. I’m very proud! Thank you, Bu. For giving me great present! I am glad you didn’t drop off the cup cakes. I love those pop cakes. I love you.”

Her eyes beautifully twinkled.



Beloved,/ I am so glad,/ So very glad You have come.
(Hafez – Hafiz)


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