Interestingly mysterious struckbyurlove

I started my day reading Thalamtu Nafsee‘s tumblr.

I found her, so far, interesting and mysterious. She is like this, but also that. She agrees things in certain conditions. She got her own stance. I like her, regardless of her stance may be (possibly) perceived wrong by any other standard. She is smart, a bit arrogant. Fair enough.

I quote a post on her blog, “when people tell me..”

Look at Khadija (sa), one of the most noble women regarded in the Quran by Allah (alongside the mother of Christ (sa), daughter of Muhammad (sa), and the wife of Pharaoh); take a look at her. Take a good look at her biography; read about her in every historical perspective, every feminist perspective, and every secular perspective.

I found another mind-blowing idea under #personal hashtag. I really wish someone will read this.

Its not giving up your decisions that legitimize this ordeal, its about sharing them. Its also sacrificing some decision for the interest of your beloved. This ordeal promotes man to come up with his own idea and consider sharing them; for the first time in life, man must consider sharing his very thoughts, biases, decision making, and perceptions with his spouse.

But marriage is not the begging of the other to give up this right we consider highly valuable and divine. On no. It does not demand that one must quiet down and let the other steer life. It does not approve upon the idea that one must lay down the laws to the Nor does it require one to give up the right to think for him or her own self, to assess, to process information, and to make conclusions.

The foolish are those who do not comprehend that the mind is all powerful and empowering; that their mind is powerful and empowering. And once the fool in the relationship does not understand that, he or she loses.

Regardless of the unintentional foolish behaviour, I shall make sure to not be A fool. If a man idealizes that I am such a woman that has to make sacrifices because I need to, ha. If he idealizes that I shall allow him to lay down his laws and that his ways is the only way, think again. If he believes that he is thee relationship and I am just an essential property of the ordeal….tough luck.

And one thing I’ve learned from relationship, after hardship comes ease. And after every egoistic man you meet, there shall be one that will humble himself to you. […] And that’s what ties the knot.

That is all.

I borrowed the pic from we heart it. Thank you.


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