I am grateful for your smile. Whether you are delighted with something in me or simply joyful about life, your smile is sunshine that warms my heart and helps me feel at peace. Your smile rouses my smile and I feel the joy of that act changing my whole day.

I am grateful for your hands. I feel comforted by your embrace and excited by your passionate touch. Your hands offer help, assurance, love – they are reminders that I have ample support in my life.

I am grateful for your voice. You speak words of consolation when I ache, you tell truths when I forget who I am, you laugh and incite my laughter when I’m caught in the seriousness of life.

I am grateful for your eyes. You see beauty, possibility and truth when I am blind to life’s light. You alert me to opportunities and obstacles so I can more easily navigate my way. You open a window to your soul where I can come look in.

I am grateful for your heart. Beating with constancy and strength, the music of your love always accompanies me. You are tender and open, willingly receiving my love. You show me that vulnerability and power can peacefully reside in one place equally without loss.

I am grateful for your mind. You share imagination, insights, and inquisitiveness, keeping us from stalling in complacency. Your ideas call mine to dance with you, rejoice and remember, consecrate and connect.

I am grateful for you. Grateful for your precious presence, in memories past and this present moment. For you, I am much more than grateful.

Thanks for you and for you.


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