Give us our daily bread

I think it is because my father served national army, he sees life as a battlefield. At least, that is what he always says to us – his daughters. So, to keep my story short – my sisters and I have pretty surprising skills. Hahaha :p

I am pretty okay in baking. Woooo! Today, I baked two apricot delight loafs.

Oh, if you are interested to know, this is my recipe:


600 gr bread flour
100 gr whole meal flour
300 gr plain flour
*why I use three different kind of flours? I love diversity 🙂 Also, plain flour gives the smooth spongy effect to the bread*
2 eggs
200 gr butter
15 gr salt
25 gr instant yeast
100 gr brown sugar
*why brown sugar? well, tanned bread looks sexy! if you only have white sugar, it is okay too*
300 ml COLD milk
*why cold? Your electric mixer will produce the heat. We don’t want our yeast starts to work while we are still kneading the dough. Let the yeast to work when everything is ready and mixed*
600 gr mixed dried fruits. I choose diced apricot, sultanas and raisin.
*to make them moist and nice, I soak mixed dried fruits in 50 ml sugar water one night before*

To be honest, I mixed all ingredients but mixed fruits into a bowl and I trust my electric mixer to do the rest. I mix ‘dry’ ingredients first (flour, salt, sugar, yeast, eggs, butter) *I know, eggs and butter, obviously are not dry*. Then, when everything is mixed together like crumbs, I add cold milk.

I let my electricity mixer working until it gives me elastic dough – then add mixed fruits. *I was worried because as soon as the mixed fruit joined the dough, my dough looked unhappy. But yes, everything takes time to mingle. After awhile, they both looked happy. At the end, I got a huge ball of dough with smooth surface*. Then let them meditate to reach the size twice bigger then they are now. They look pretty in the sun. *I gave them 3 hours meditation time*. Before I send them into the oven, I brush milk on their surface, so they will look pretty tanned and shiny when they are ready.

One recipe gives me two loaf, unless you want to make giant loaf then you don’t have to divide the dough into two nice pretty parts *it will look scary, though*. I rolled each part into a flat dough, then roll it back into cylinder form (loaf). Now, I have two loaves, bludging in the sun.

I borrowed my pics from Clara Endah Triastuti :p . Thanks!


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