The Beauty and The Geek

We were watching a TV program last night. It was The Beauty and The Geek.

Gita asked me, “What is a geek?” – and I explained “A smart person. Really smart person.” Promptly, she replied: “Oh, like you”.


Then I replied, “No, they are very smart and addicted to study things they like. You know, they are very into it.” She then said, “Yes, like you!”.


Keep going to explain, I said, “Usually they don’t do outdoors. They don’t do sports. They don’t hang out.” And she said, “Oh well, every body has their favourite stuffs. Every body is different. I think they are geeks because they are smart. And you are a geek. You’re good in your stuffs.”

After awhile, she said “They look smart though. They wear glasses. They look serious.”

And I said, “That’s the key word!”. “What?”, she said.

“Serious! They don’t do something fun. They always look serious. They don’t look cool or pretty or handsome. They look geek.”

And Gita replied, “Maybe they have fun by being serious. What’s wrong with that? You are a cool person. You look alright. You don’t wear glasses. That’s because you love carrot. Doesn’t mean you are not a geek. People are different.”

Oh. Ok.

Thank you for appreciating me being a geek. I love you.

I borrowed the pic from clevercuties. Thanks!

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