She calculates capitalism

Gita and I, we were watching TV when the program was swapped with an ad. It was PlayISpy. She commented: “You know what, that’s not true”. Then she kept going: “My dad bought a large fries. When he peeled the sticker – he got P and three. I think he got another food for free. But what another food for when you feel full already?”

I said: “Oooohhh”

Then she said, “My dad said IPlay will give you three cars. I don’t believe it.”

I said: “That’s kind of lotto, Gita. Probability. A chance. You could win, you could NOT win. A game.”

Then, again, she said: “Have you ever seen the line at Maccas (McDonald)? Sometime it was a loonngggg line. And there is a Maccas here, and there is one there, and there is one in Fairy Meadow. And only three cars? That’s a lie.”

I was tempted to make her understand why they call it ‘probability’. I was silent, though.

Yes, Gita. There is a fine line between probability and capitalism (and perhaps consumerism). While playing ISpy, they are getting fatter and unhealthier.

I borrowed the picture from this site. Thank you!


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