I learnt it from Dump

You can’t see?
Well… you know, I can. I can see only the general shape of things. So I rely on my heart. Why don’t you go ahead and tell me everything about yourself, so I can see you with my heart?
Well, the first thing you should
know about me is that…my dad’s the preacher, which was why we moved to Naomi.

(OPAL) I had been waiting for so long to tell a person everything about me, I couldn’t stop. I told Gloria Dump everything. And the whole time I was talkin’, Gloria Dump was listening.

I see, I see.
But the most important thing you should know about me…is that I don’t have a mama.
You don’t have a mama.
Somethin’ happened to her that made her go away, and I don’t know what it was. Well, then the Dewberry boys…

(OPAL) I could feel her listening with all her heart. And it felt good.


I found lately to listen is not simply “to listen”. I acknowledge that to listen other people is not easy. “To listen with all my heart” – it does not literally link to my heart. It is something, in fact, links to all my senses. Yet, at the same time – I’d better numb my senses from confirming (or recalling) my past/story. Yes, it does not have anything to do with my judgement. I should anticipate nothing. I learn that to listen to other people is to listen, not necessarily to hypothesize my experience/past. Yes, to listen is to be less self-centred – I think. The person whose story I am listening to, is my centre of attention.

I borrowed the picture from this site. Thank you.


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