I reblogged from courage.

To truly heal the body is to know how to access that which is beyond the physical. There are parts of the body that are truly invisible but that are known by some. Many of the more ancient forms of medicine, and that which is known to indigenous people are far more accurate in that they heal and cure that which is invisible. The invisible are those parts that are spiritual and vibrate to a higher frequency. It is that which keeps you grounded physically. By dealing only with the physical and ignoring the spiritual, much harm is done in that healing is not complete. All true healing begins with the spiritual and not with the physical. First you sprout in the spiritual realm and then the physical. To reverse the order is unnatural, and can do nothing but cause damage. Know this to be true. The physical body cannot be healed alone and apart from the soul. To do so only mends a portion while neglecting the whole.

— Lia Shapiro, Comes The Awakening


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