Wanky knowledge, that’s me.

Today I learn: we are what we speak, not what we think or what we argue.

I used to believe knowledge was power in very simple way. Today I learn, they are not. Knowledge is not a simple resonance of power. Nope.

I learn that knowledge and power, bridged by language – which stands closer to power.

Knowledge is not an assurance to exercise power, while I am here – talking my poor English (trying) to pass on my knowledge to you. You can hardly understand my awkward (English) words in imparting my excellent knowledge. My excellent (was) knowledge (is) FLOCCI­NAUCINI­HILIPIL­IFICATION. Or, in shorter version: wanky. poxy. pox-addled.

Awkward (English) words. Excellent (universal) knowledge. Crapped out (power).

By the way – Foucault didn’t say knowledge is power. He said power and knowledge has complicated relationship.

Tidak serta merta punya ilmu lalu punya kuasa.


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