We were watching Matilda, and we came to this scene:
Matilda: She’s afraid of a cat?
Miss Honey: Black cats. She’s very superstitious.

G: What is superstitious?
C: Something imaginary, but somehow people believe it anyway.
G: Like a dream?
C: No, like a tale. You can’t prove it, but you believe in it no matter what. Even when you know you can’t reason it. Can’t trace it, that it does exist. See that, how Miss Trunchbull was afraid of a black cat. Because tales told us black cats are pets of the Witches. Whether witches are real of not, we don’t know. Why do they like black cats? Is there any special reason? We don’t know. But some people believe it so no matter what. Like you, you believe in mermaids, in fairies.
G: No. I don’t believe in mermaids. They don’t exist. But I do believe in tooth fairies.
C: See?
G: Well, they do exist!
C: Have you ever seen them?
G: No. But the do exist!!!
C: How can you be very sure?
G: Well, you believe in God. Have you ever seen God?
C: *owhhh bull-true!*

I borrowed the pic from this site. Thank you.

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