What is your shoes’ brand?

… dan saya menunduk. Berpikir lagi. Apakah saya masih mau membeli (dan menggunakan) sepatu bermerek terkenal, yang dibuat oleh tangan perempuan-perempuan yang tidak dianggap manusia, walking ghosts.

Women workers in Indonesia Not mere victims of exploitation but also agents of social change (Jean Duval, 5 Maret 2001 dari Online Women in Politics), ketika sedang mencari bahan untuk menjelaskan publik dan private di Indonesia.

Saya pinjam gambarnya dari sini. Terimakasih.

Among other incidents documented in the 104-page report, commissioned by Nike, were two deaths in separate factories which workers believed were related to the denial of medical attention. Almost half of those questioned said clinic facilities were unsatisfactory, while many said their supervisors allowed them to visit clinics only after they had collapsed. Many women, who make up most of the labour force in the factories, said they were denied their two-day monthly menstrual leave allowed under Indonesian law. One woman said a supervisor threw a book at her for working slowly while other staff were forced to run around the factory grounds or clean toilets if their pace of work was not fast enough.”

Very little has changed since the first report in 1996 on the Nike factories. That report revealed that the local communities described the women in those factories as “Walking ghosts working in Satan’s factory”. The state of exhaustion of the young women described in that earlier report can be easily understood. They left their village to go to work each day at 4am, only to get back after 8pm.

At that time a supervisor working at Nike in West Java informed the investigation team of the special skills he was expected to learn: “skills to control women, which usually translated into verbal abuse such as ‘Fuck you’ and ‘move you stupid bitch’, to be used indiscriminately against the workers”. Another skill he was aught was to force the women to run: “Run to the lunch room and basically make them run everywhere they have to go, even if they are not even working.”

It is no accident that multinationals like Nike prefer to employ young girls from remote and rural areas. They are regarded as being more subservient and obedient because of the patriarchal traditions in the villages. They are brought up not to protest but to accept their fate.


4 thoughts on “What is your shoes’ brand?

  1. Sepatu saya mereknya yg gambar anjing beagle. Mungkin dibuat di Indonesia dg kondisi seperti di atas.

    @Asrop: skrinsut plis! :p

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