Beyond God

This is about talking (non)sense.

We were having lunch, doing our daily tittle-tattle.

G: Who gave birth to babies?
C: Mothers
G: No, I mean the very first babies. The first humans.
C: Nggggg Well, there are two answers – so far.
G: What?
C: Have you ever heard about evolution? How beings take their time to change their forms?
G: Do you mean they changed the shape?
C: Sort of. Hmm We were apes. Apes were = hmm perhaps mouse. Mouse were perhaps fish.
G: We were apes? Monkeys? How?
C: Hmmm I think because they needed to survive, needed to find food. Then perhaps they started to use tools. Their hands evolved into proper form to hold the tools along with their brain size. Then their shape turned more like human. I think.
G: Oh. Okay. And the answer number two?
C: Most people believe God created first humans.
G: How they know God did that?
C: Bibles or holly books told them so. And they believe it.
G: I know it. Humans were monkey. Monkey were walking fish. Walking fish were fish. Fish were plants.
C: How do you know it?
G: I read in the books.
C: And which one are you into?
G: Hmmmm who created God?
C: Hahahahaha I don’t know!
G: Hmmmm
C: Hmmmm

On the same day, my friend told me similar issue. Her boy, four years old, asked her: “Who made God?”

Do we dare ask the same question as children do?

I borrowed the picture from this site *thank you*


2 thoughts on “Beyond God

  1. Who made God? Jelas tak ada. 😛
    Dalam hal ini memang kita harus percaya ada hal2 yang tak bisa dijelaskan dengan logika dan akal manusia. 😆

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