Couple days ago, Gita and I watched a programme from ABC. It was about two ‘western’ male scientists sharing the time, living with a tribal group in the jungle. It was a scene of a sick toddler. That scene showed how they tried to cure him both ways: ‘local wisdom’ (or people say it ‘traditional’ – but I prefer not to) medicine and ‘modern’ medicine. Then, Gita’s voice hit my ears: “How can they have a baby, they don’t have priest?

Umm.. pardon?

“What a priest has to do with a baby, Gita?”
“Oh, you know. If there is no priest, then men and women can’t get married. If they don’t get married, they can’t have babies. But there is a baby in the jungle”.
“What priest?”
“PRIEST! You know… that man in the church”
“Well Gita, maybe they have their own priest”


I am not a good catholic. I am not into it very much. I am not a regular visitor at Catholic church, as well as Gita is. So far I remember, Gita only attended not more than three Catholic wedding masses at the church. And I think, those were not such big influence for her to see/think “wedding mass” is the only medium for people to get married properly.

So far I remember – I always encourage Gita to nurture her believe of the great power that circles (and works) in human life, what ever she names it: god, universe, manon, mother earth. I always encourage her as well to respect other people’s choices: what to believe, how to believe, when to believe, who to believe.

Still, at that time, I could tell there was such of feeling of lost in Gita, knowing there could be a baby without marriage or without a priest.

The fact quite amazed me, that she constructed a context of marriage, which needs a certain-looking priest to legalise/ to approve it. The fact that she thought without the presence of a guy standing in front of the altar, wearing the dalmatic sleeved tunic and a long, white linen liturgical vestment with tapered sleeves underneath – there will be no marriage, there fore there will be no babies – also, amazed me.

Then I remember things. The sound of music (Do you remember when “Climb every mountain, search high and low …” choir gave a background on Maria’s wedding mass at the church?). 101 Dalmatians (Do you remember the scene of the wedding mass of Anita and Roger?). What else? Lots of else. What a polluted world we live.

Then, after that – I can’t stop thinking, as well as worrying. What would it be if I were very much into my religion? What would I pass on Gita, if I were a hard core Catholic (as a institution/organisation) believer? What would she construct, if I were a Catholic fundamentalist?

Things I see out there – where people think (and behave) their believe/value/practice is perfect, holly, best, proper, legal, noble, correct, superior: the truth. When other people practice otherwise, then these people should be ‘saved’ or – if they refuse, then they should be destroyed.

Child, I wish you will never ever construct such of idea. Really. Please don’t. Please don’t. Please don’t let those deceptive consciousness false you. Cross your heart, for me.

I borrowed the picture from this site.


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