Countable (probably fake) friends

This morning I went to Friday market. I bought a kilo of pear.
The seller served one of his best customers, then took pictures of his customer’s daughter.
His customer, then, jokingly asked him: “You won’t post them on your facebook, no?
And the seller answered promptly: “No.. no… I am not on Facebook. I have friends.

And I found that was a funny conversation, as well as a truth.

However, S. Craig Watkins and H. Erin Lee from the University of Texas, Austin found on their research that indeed Facebook makes us more sociable, more from the point of view that Facebook ‘encourages’ its users to construct new expressions of friendship, intimacy and community.

Source: Report from University of Texas, Austin..

But, Sherry Turkle’s opinion struck me amazingly. She argues if to be more sociable means to post status, to comment on friends’ wall, to post pictures or to links current events – then, “It’s a way of defining downwards what it means to be social.

Yes. To some extent, I agree with her. By using social media we shut down necessary conversations in personal life and in business (@STurkle).

So let’s talk, rather than text.

(Then it is crossing my mind now: we can ‘number’ our friends on social media. Can we do the same in real life? It is, to me, reflecting how we define how real is the bond in two different realms: reality and cyber.)

I borrowe the picture from here.


2 thoughts on “Countable (probably fake) friends

  1. hmm..interesting conversation… on a slightly different note, though, i DO have a (little) problem with people posting other people’s children pics on their profile, and I am simply hoping that they at least had the parents’ approval beforehand. but hey, nice to have ‘met’ you, Mbak Titut, if it’s not for the internet then I would have never got to ‘know; you ;p

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