That soul

I am (again) broken hearted. This time, I think, was caused by a small (but crucial) factor: words. Words. Mis-interpretation. That’s not a new, though.

Anyway – I was Eeyore. Then, that evening – after work, I was sitting in the lounge, pretending I was watching TV. Gita noticed it. She said: “You look so sad. What’s happened?”. I was in silence. Then she mentioned that thing. I nodded.

And from nowhere she appeared within not inches but centimeters of my nose, stood in front of me. Stared me right into my eyes. She asked: “What is the thing you really, really, want in your life?

Oh! I was shocked by her question to such an extent that I forgot even to breath. I felt all my senses stopped wandering, and they all focused on the little lovely being in front of me, who was staring at me – waiting for my answer. Her question led me to a state of consciousness. That she made me to cogitate, to bethink. And after her question, indeed – it was there, the mixed feeling of serenity, clarity, and bliss.

After awhile, I answered: “I want to see you grow up well. I want to see you to be a doctor, to help people.”.

She, then said: “So, everything else is less important, Bu.” – “And, I am here. Do you want a long hug?”

It was the most precious moment in my life. Thank you. Thank. You.

I borrowed the picture from here.


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