Social shackles

Some people believe science, as well as knowledge is objective, value free, and neutral. No way.

Science, as well as knowledge, isn’t so when you practice it. When we practice science (or knowledge), simultaneously, we also perform our social shackles: culture, customs, values, belief, socialisation, upbringing, religious, education.

Yes, it is to me – we get voluntary possessed.

That is, science as well as knowledge, without doubt, is subjective, non value free, and biased.

Since I believe almost our social shackles have been built upon a corrupt, uneven power, then I should wary about my (moral) judgement – as as a result of practising science (and knowledge) – it potentially debilitates my human-ness.

For this, eagerly, sincerely, I accept the idea that science, as well as knowledge is unjust, oppressive and impolitic.

Unjust. Oppressive. Impolitic.

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4 thoughts on “Social shackles

    • Yes. I’ve been possessed and mutilated by knowledge, as well as by science. I have my own bias, my own myth, my own style to oppress others – mine is basically the same: unjust, and of course: impotent.

      • Well, it a risk of ideas cultivation that we have brought all this time. As we step in, and hereby trap ourself within the bias, there is nothing else we can do.

      • I think there something we can do, is to realize that science is biased. At least, then we acknowledge the (huge and varied) possibilities for us to be unjust and to corrupt :p

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