Tittle Tattle #6

This is about the truth.

G: Hahahaha your nostrils are sooo funnyy.
C: Why? What are you laughing at?
G: Your left nostril is shaped like this (and Gita’s finger drew a circle in the air), your right nostril is shaped like this (this time: a heart in the air).
C: Ahahahah so? Do you know, if you draw a straight line in the middle of your body to divide into a right and left half: nothing perfectly similar. Every single part of your right half body is different from every single part of your left half body. Your right eye could be bigger than your left eye. Your right arm could be shorter than the left. Your left half nose is different from your right half nose. My right nostril is different to my left nostril.
G: Hahaha Let me see your fingers!
C: *showing my fingers and palms*
G: Oh yes – this one (pointing at my left little finger) is shorter than this (pointing at my right little finger)
C: Yes.
G: Wow. Nobody’s perfect.

🙂 You get the point, Child.

…. beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully
(Matthew Fox).

Picture taken from here


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