It is banal, so what?

This is not about racism, or – in Indonesia terminology: SARA.

This is about social identity.

Social Identity. It is given, not innate. It is constructed, not natural. Yet, it is overfamiliar through overuse: glorified, I think.

In my country my ID card has my religion on it. I’ve been questioning why? What for? Could it be possible, if I had an accident would people check onto my ID to see what’s my religion – so then they could decide whether to save me or not? Or, could it be possible, if I responsed a call for help for blood transfusion – so then the hospital could check whether we had the same religion (not the same blood type?). Or, could it be possible, if I fell into the common error of regarding traffic regulation, the police officer would see my religion on my ID to decide whether he/she could hand fine to me?

Here, police department has Asian Crime Squad and Middle Eastern Crime Squad (The Middle Eastern and Asian squads are the only two squads with race-based names among the 12 state crime command squads). Why? What for? To me, it sounds like ethnic sentiment branding. What do they name squads after ethnic sentiments? The fact that many ethnic sentiments live in Australia, and only two ethnic sentimenst have special places in police department do sound something.

Asian Crime Squad. Middle Eastern Squad. Why? Do they exist to protect Asian and Middle Eastern crime victims? OR Do they exist to associate them with crime? To me, Asian Crime Squad and Middle Eastern Squad are not preferential policy, yet they promote prejudice and embrace class distinction based on social identity: creating otherness. Marginalisation.

Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat. Have you ever heard about it? The principle that one is considered innocent until proven guilty, sounds doesnt seem to work for these two ethnic sentiments: Asian and Middle Eeastern. If there were riots and crimes involving Asian and Middle Eastern, they were definitely not the victim, yet the perpretator ( Therefore, Asian Crime Squad and Middle Eastern Crime Squad are prepared.)

Why would people nurture (and highlight) these nonsense matters? Antimatters matters.

Picture taken from this site


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