Accepting MY perfectness

My name is Clara Endah Triastuti. I am 163 cm and 62 kg.

I have sagging and rippling skin that draped off my arms, tummy, and thighs. I have uncountable cellulite, on evenly sporadic body’s spots. My arms, they are big and flabby. I never used tops without sleeves, or open back top, merely because I consider other by not giving them such uncomfortable scenery 🙂 My back is sooo fatty and terraced. My breast are so so and dropping. Haha, they are not perky. Never been.

Yes, my body is pretty big. I mean, it is pretty because it is big. My size is 10 (or sometime is 8, another time is 12, comfortable size).

I eat healthy food, almost every day. I love vegetables and fruits. Red meat is necessary during my period to boost iron intake. I hate MSG and junk food. I don’t use sugar for my tea or coffee. I rarely drink carbonated drinks of any kind. Almost zero for cakes, donuts, chips, candies or pies. I eat chocolate sometimes.

I walk lots (and almost everywhere). I am a hard core bush-walker. I jog. I do yoga. I do meditation. I laugh. I smile. I wash. I tidy up. I play with Gita. I study. I mop. I sweep. I cook. I shop. I hang the clothes.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t drugs.

I know I don’t have a husky, muscular build. But it doesn’t signal I am not fit. I might not be fit to lift 70 kg at gym, but for sure, I am fit to do five hours bush walking without puffing and huffing up the hill. I am fit to do jogging for two to three hours nontstop.

I love my body. She is not overweight. She is healthy, and it is important to have healthy body. She is curvy with extra pounds. She is good in giving good cuddling, especially for Gita. She has a little jiggly that good to keep Gita warmth and comfortable at night 🙂

My body is my perfectness. I accept it, gratefully.

ALso, beauty isn’t worth thinking about; what’s important is your mind. You don’t want a fifty-dollar haircut on a fifty-cent head (Garrison Keillor). This is not my inner beauty excuse for my ugly face and fat body. I am not ugly. I am pretty, and certainly not fat.

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