Beached whales

Last night I saw a beached orca whale in my dream. It was very real, as real as the real. It was a massive orca whale, flaundering arround in shallow water. It was right before my very eyes, I saw it fins gliding effortfully in the murky waters. I remember, I came very near to it. I felt no sense of fear – in fact, I did realy want to help. Then my dream got blurred. I saw the whale dissapear in the blink of an eye. In my dream, I believed it was able to get back into the ocean πŸ™‚

It is silly. But – full of curiousity – today I looked on the Internet the meaning of my strange dream. They said, the dreams about beached whales reflects the dreamer’s concern about something that is very precious, but in danger of being lost. This is usually accompanied by a sense of helplessness or being out of one’s depth. A beached whale could represent a hurdle in my life, or something that has come to a standstill.

It represents my general feeling of powerless, helpless, of alienation – of being out of my element. Or, whether I am feeling stuck about anything in mywaking life. It also may symbolize something precious, something rare and special that I feel is in danger and which I feel unable to save.

Yes, that is very true.

Pic taken from When Animals Dream.


4 thoughts on “Beached whales

  1. Well, it was an Orca? so didn’t mean specific to whale(s) as on Pinocchio story when you lost something (and taking a hard turn to get it back).

    Btw, who was asking me again?

  2. hmm that makes a lot more sense than the other whale dream interpretations I’ve been reading i.e. calm, peace, contentment yada yada

    Last night I dreamt I saw a hump backed whale in the water at the beach. It was huge, I got realy excited and then spotted about 4 more next to it. Then it all started to go wrong, they beached themselves and started thrashing about on the sand. I realised I wanted to go get my camera (I’m such a freakin tourist) so I started to retreat, at which point the whales started turning on anyone who had gotten too near. The biggest whale crushed one guy and ate another girl who was photographing them.

    Calm, peace and tranquility? Methinks not! πŸ™‚

    • OMG it wasn’t a nice dream. Calm. Peace. Tranquility. They are absolutely hmmmm perhaps after being ate – RIP. :)) – correct?

      Rest in Peace. That’s true, no?

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